Metallic Pot Leafs Accents
Wooden Pots Accents


Decowraps has been successfully producing and selling floral hardware in the United States for several years under the name Accents.

After a strong start in flexibles, the idea for hardware initially started with the question how to add value in different ways than flexibles. Providing added value in bouquets or to potted plants.

A wide variety of materials were explored and over time these started to form a collection, they all had one thing in common: to Accentuate any floral gift and Enhance the Special Moments in life.

Hereby the Decowraps Accents range began, and under its first decade after launch, Decowraps has become one the leading companies in floral hardware in the United States.

Until this year, setting up an own Accents range has always remained an ambition of Decowraps Europe. However, with the arrival of experienced Product Manager Berry Knecht, we found the final missing ingredient required to realize our ambitions.

Using a wide range of existing suppliers in glass, ceramics, baskets, wood and zinc in a global supply chain, whilst sourcing for new and more sustainable materials, we aim to bring the Decowraps Uniques behind our innovative products, to the Floral Hardware and shake up the market.

We invite you to join us in our journey and to stay tuned as this page will evolve from its current informative nature, to a full collection to pick and select from!