Custom-made Packaging

Something to Shout About!

At Decowraps we strive to offer our clients comprehensive solutions for their packaging needs. Our design team is constantly following the latest design trends and developments, to enhance the capability to advise and assist our customers through visual and technical product development.

Apart from offering our extensive selection of products from the annually updated catalogue, one of our core competences is to offer our clients the option of creating a customized product specifically designed to fit their needs. Most of our products can be easily customized in size, print and material, but Decowraps also has the ability to develop new packaging applications from scratch based on a question, problem or even a new business case.


Circular Packaging Challenges

The floral industry is dealing with the same challenges in sustainability and the impact of the digital environment on the shopper behavior, as much of the retail world. With the Circular Roadmap, Decowraps has the tools in terms of more sustainable materials and the knowledge in how to transpose these into new packaging, that maintains both commercial attraction and recyclability to close the circular loop. We can help you to enact positive change in packaging to enhance the image of the floral industry and make true impact.

Inspiring the Shopper & Pushing Category Development

Next to keeping a strong eye on trends in sustainability, lifestyle and homeware/fashion, both the Decowraps design & sales team is investing heavily in building knowledge on the right implementation of packaging into the floral category.

The correct packaging has the capability to enhance price points, unify shelves in look & feel, can add value to the overall retail brand and swing the balance in the right direction in terms of convincing the shopper to purchase flowers or plants.

With our in-house mock-up capabilities, we offer the option to visualize new packaging options around your flowers to facilitate the decision-making process.


Mock-up Studio

The studio has been the force pushing innovation ever since Decowraps started, and the capability to make printed mock-ups on our 2 Roland graphic printers on a variation of materials, including a wide range of paper thicknesses and plastics. In 2022 a 3D printer has also been added to the collection, enabling the option to mock up items like pots and vases.

Any packaging design presentation will truly come to life, making the right choice on a new look has never been so easy.