Bamboo Sleeve


Enhance your floral presentations with our Bamboo Sleeve, a unique design that combines natural Kraft paper with elegant die-cut holes for increased flower visibility. This sleeve features a lower front, making it a stylish choice for showcasing your blooms.

Material: Natural kraft paper

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Introducing our Bamboo Sleeve, a floral packaging solution designed to make your flower arrangements truly stand out. This distinctive design features natural Kraft paper with elegant die-cut holes, providing increased visibility to the flowers. With a lower front, it adds a stylish and modern touch to your floral presentations. The Bamboo Sleeve is a creative and innovative choice for showcasing your flowers. Whether you're preparing bouquets for special events, weddings, or simply want to enhance your everyday floral displays, this sleeve ensures that your flowers are beautifully presented with a unique twist. Choose the Bamboo Sleeve to make a statement with your floral arrangements. Its captivating design, combined with natural Kraft paper, ensures that your flowers are not only beautifully displayed but also become the center of attention. Make your floral presentations unforgettable with the Bamboo Sleeve, where style meets flower artistry.

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