Charm Paper Cup


Add an extra touch of charm to your plant presentations with our Charm Paper Cup, uniquely heart-shaped and designed to fit standard 10.5cm plants. Crafted from laminated white Kraft paper, it's the perfect choice for creating delightful and eye-catching plant displays.

Material: Laminated White Kraft Paper

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Introducing our Charm Paper Cup, a special addition to your plant presentations that brings an extra touch of charm and elegance. This paper cup features a unique heart-shaped design and is perfectly fitted for standard 10.5cm plants, making it the ideal choice for creating eye-catching and delightful plant displays. The Charm Paper Cup is all about adding an element of love and sophistication to your plants. Whether you're showcasing plants for special occasions, gifts, or simply want to make your plant displays more captivating, this cup ensures that your greenery is beautifully presented with style and charm. Choose the Charm Paper Cup to make your plant displays truly stand out with a heartwarming touch. Its unique design, combined with the laminated white Kraft paper material, ensures that your plants are not only beautifully showcased but also convey a sense of elegance and love. Make a statement with your plant presentations using the Charm Paper Cup, where every plant becomes a charming work of art.

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