Cool Stripes Sleeve


Elevate your floral presentations with our Cool Stripes Sleeve, a stylish and sustainable choice for environmentally conscious consumers. Crafted from 50% recycled HDPE, this sleeve makes sustainable floral packaging accessible, affordable, and mainstream. It's the perfect way to showcase your flowers with a touch of style and sustainability.

Material: Recycled HDPE

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Introducing our Cool Stripes Sleeve, a versatile and sustainable floral packaging solution designed to elevate your floral presentations while prioritizing sustainability. Crafted from 50% recycled HDPE, this sleeve makes a significant step toward making sustainable floral packaging accessible, affordable, and mainstream, appealing to environmentally aware consumers. The Cool Stripes Sleeve is all about merging style with sustainability. By incorporating recycled HDPE into its construction, it ensures that your flowers are not only beautifully presented but also contribute to sustainable practices. Whether you're showcasing bouquets for customers who care about the environment or seeking to make a positive impact on the world, this sleeve is the ideal choice. Choose the Cool Stripes Sleeve to make your floral presentations both stylish and sustainable. Its unique design, combined with the recycled HDPE material, reflects your commitment to environmentally friendly practices while adding a touch of style to your floral arrangements. Make a statement with your floral packaging, showcasing your flowers in a way that's accessible, affordable, and sustainable using the Cool Stripes Sleeve.

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