Element Retail Roset


Elevate your short bouquets with the Element Retail Roset, featuring vibrant colors and a lightweight design.

Material: Tissue Paper

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The Element Retail Roset is a modern take on a classic floral packaging favorite, designed to add vibrancy and flair to your short bouquets. Crafted with a lightweight yet sturdy tissue paper background, this roset boasts intense colors that make it the perfect solution for enhancing the presentation of your compact flower arrangements. With its fresh and vibrant design, the Element Retail Roset is ideal for short bouquets that deserve a burst of color and style. It offers a striking contrast to the natural beauty of your flowers, ensuring that your arrangements catch the eye and leave a lasting impression. The lightweight construction of this roset adds an extra layer of convenience for florists and flower enthusiasts, as it doesn't weigh down your bouquets. This makes it a practical choice for short arrangements that require a touch of elegance. Choose the Element Retail Roset to transform your short bouquets into eye-catching floral displays that radiate with vibrant colors and contemporary style. This floral packaging solution is a must-have for anyone looking to make a statement with their compact flower arrangements.

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