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Cherish the enchantment of winter with our Frozen Prefolds, specially designed to infuse a touch of icy allure into your floral arrangements.

Material: Matte BOPP, Satin

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Welcome to the enchanting world of our Frozen Prefolds, where we've beautifully captured the essence of winter within the realm of floral packaging. These prefolds are expertly designed to bring the icy charm of the season to your floral creations. Crafted with a combination of Matte BOPP and Satin materials, our Frozen Prefolds are a harmonious blend of style and durability. The matte finish enhances their visual appeal while the satin adds a luxurious touch, ensuring that these prefolds are not only stunning but also robust. The Frozen range takes inspiration from the chilly landscapes and crisp beauty of winter, and these prefolds are no exception. They reflect the frosty elegance and the ethereal charm that the season brings. If you're planning floral arrangements for winter weddings, holiday festivities, or any event that warrants a touch of cold enchantment, our Frozen Prefolds are the perfect choice. The Frozen Prefolds combine style and functionality to present your floral creations while preserving their natural beauty. Their icy design can transform any bouquet into a winter masterpiece, creating a captivating visual impact. Embrace the enchantment of winter with our Frozen Prefolds, infusing a touch of icy allure into your floral creations. These prefolds are the ultimate choice for elevating the presentation of your winter floral arrangements. They add a layer of charm and elegance to your bouquets, making them ideal for winter-themed events and arrangements. Let the magic of winter flourish in your floral presentations with our Frozen Prefolds.

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