Heartbeat Sheet


Elevate your floral arrangements with the Heartbeat Sheet, inspired by Matisse's artistic vision.

Material: BOPP

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The Heartbeat Sheet is a celebration of art and nature, a tribute to the legendary Matisse's creative genius. This design brings an artistic touch to your floral packaging and adds a sense of sophistication to your bouquet presentations. Made from premium-quality BOPP material, the Heartbeat Sheet boasts both elegance and innovation. It's more than just a sheet; it's a canvas for your floral artistry. The intricate patterns and vibrant colors in the design draw inspiration from Matisse's iconic style. With the Heartbeat Sheet, you can transform your floral arrangements into works of art, reflecting the beauty of nature and the brilliance of Matisse's vision. Whether you're preparing a bouquet for a special event or simply expressing your appreciation for art, this sheet adds an element of creativity to your presentation. The Heartbeat design is a versatile choice for your floral packaging needs, available in sleeves, prefolds, and sheets. Elevate your floral gifting by incorporating the artistic spirit of Matisse into your arrangements. It's a beautiful fusion of art and nature, sure to captivate the hearts of those who receive your bouquets.

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