Icy Snow Sleeve


Embrace the holiday spirit with our Icy Snow Sleeve, a contemporary twist on a classical design. Crafted from FSC® Recycled paper, this sleeve seamlessly blends timeless aesthetics with edgy trendy colors, making it one of the most sustainable and circular floral Christmas packaging options available.

Material: Recycled Paper

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Introducing our Icy Snow Sleeve, a floral Christmas packaging solution that harmoniously combines traditional elegance with modern flair. Crafted from FSC® Recycled paper, this sleeve is a sustainable choice that revives a classical design in a contemporary context. The Icy Snow Sleeve distinguishes itself by offering a fusion of timeless aesthetics and edgy, trendy colors. It breathes new life into your holiday floral presentations, making them visually captivating and festive. This sleeve is available in a 50x35x10cm size and comes in four attractive colors, including a trendy Blue version. Select the Icy Snow Sleeve to make your Christmas floral arrangements truly special. With its classic design, sustainable material, and stylish color options, it ensures that your holiday presentations are not only visually striking but also environmentally responsible. Make a statement with your Christmas floral packaging, combining tradition with a modern touch.

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