Sand Pot


Enhance your plant displays with the rustic charm of our Sand Pot. Crafted from ceramic, the rough texture of this pot adds a natural and earthy touch to any plant. Proudly produced in the Netherlands, the Sand Pot not only complements your greenery but also boasts the shortest supply chain imaginable.

Material: Ceramic

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Introducing our Sand Pot, a versatile and nature-inspired choice to elevate your plant presentations. This ceramic pot features a rough texture that brings a rustic and organic feel to any plant, making it the ideal choice for plant enthusiasts. What sets the Sand Pot apart is its local production, proudly crafted right here in the Netherlands. This means you're not only adding a touch of nature to your plants but also reducing the environmental footprint with the shortest supply chain imaginable. Choose the Sand Pot to make your plant displays more captivating and sustainable. Its rustic texture and locally sourced production ensure that your plants are not only beautifully showcased but also contribute to a greener future. Make a statement with your plant arrangements, adding a natural and sustainable touch with the Sand Pot.

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