Summer Chique Sleeve


Embrace the vibrant spirit of summer with the Summer Chique Sleeve. This sleeve boasts pastel colors and a refreshing design that encapsulates the perfect summer vibe, creating an enchanting backdrop for any bouquet.

Material: BOPP

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Introducing the Summer Chique Sleeve, a floral sleeve designed to immerse your bouquets in the vibrant spirit of summer. This sleeve features a delightful palette of pastel colors and a refreshing design that perfectly captures the essence of the season. It creates an enchanting and cheerful backdrop for any bouquet, adding a touch of summer magic to your floral presentations. The Summer Chique Sleeve is all about infusing your floral arrangements with the joyful and lively atmosphere of summer. Whether you're preparing bouquets for summer events, weddings, or simply to brighten someone's day, this sleeve is the ideal choice for enhancing the visual appeal of your flowers. The pastel colors and refreshing design are a beautiful representation of the warmth and vibrancy of the summer season. Choose the Summer Chique Sleeve to make your floral presentations radiate the perfect summer vibe. This sleeve is the key to encapsulating the joyful and carefree spirit of summer in your bouquets, leaving a lasting impression of positivity and happiness. With the Summer Chique Sleeve, your floral arrangements will become a true celebration of the summer season.

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