Terrazzo Sleeve


Embrace the future of floral packaging with our Terrazzo Sleeve. A groundbreaking and unique design in the world of flowers, the Terrazzo range adds a modern touch to any bouquet. Crafted from high-quality BOPP material, it combines innovation and style, ensuring your floral presentations stand out as a statement of contemporary elegance.

Material: BOPP

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Introducing our Terrazzo Sleeve, a groundbreaking and unique addition to the world of floral packaging. This design marks a first in the world of flowers, setting a new standard for innovation and style. The Terrazzo range brings a modern touch to any bouquet, ensuring your floral presentations exude contemporary elegance. Crafted from high-quality BOPP material, it guarantees that your floral arrangements are not just beautifully presented but also reflect a vision of the future in floral packaging. The Terrazzo Sleeve is all about embracing innovation and modernity in the world of floral design. Whether you're arranging flowers for special occasions, events, or simply want to make a statement, this sleeve offers a revolutionary design that breaks away from convention. Its unique and forward-thinking design, along with the high-quality BOPP material, ensures that your floral presentations capture the essence of contemporary style and innovation. Choose the Terrazzo Sleeve to make your floral presentations a testament to innovation and style. This design is a game-changer, adding a modern touch to your bouquets and making a statement about the future of floral packaging. With the Terrazzo Sleeve, your floral arrangements will stand out as a reflection of contemporary elegance, setting a new standard for the world of flowers.

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