2Mothers Aysha


Aysha is a true work of art, featuring a rich brown base adorned with a vibrant tapestry of green, blue, and pink patterns. This pot is a testament to the boundless creativity and resilience of talented mothers in Bangladesh. The intricate patterns on Aysha reflect their dedication to their craft and their dreams for a better future. With Aysha in your home, you not only showcase their craftsmanship but also support their journey towards empowerment and self-sufficiency.

Material: Jute/Recycled plastic

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Aysha stands as a veritable masterpiece, embodying a canvas of cultural richness with its deep brown foundation adorned by an exuberant tapestry of green, blue, and pink patterns. This exquisite pot serves as a poignant testament to the boundless creativity and unwavering resilience of the skilled mothers in Bangladesh who pour their passion into every detail. The elaborate patterns gracing Aysha mirror their profound dedication to their craft, reflecting not only a commitment to artistic excellence but also the aspirations they harbor for a brighter future.

By introducing Aysha into your living space, you become a patron of more than just aesthetically pleasing decor. You become a supporter of a community's journey towards empowerment and self-sufficiency. Each stroke and hue on Aysha's surface echoes the stories of these artisans, and having Aysha in your home allows you to share in their narrative. It's more than a pot; it's a symbol of collaboration, a tangible connection to the dreams and aspirations of these talented women. Aysha is an embodiment of artistry and empowerment, and by choosing Aysha, you contribute to a transformative journey of skill, resilience, and dreams realized

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