Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy Decowraps EU

For any deliveries within the Netherlands, Decowraps can supply the same day when ordered before 10am, provided the shipping address is within the network of the Flower Auctions.

For any orders delivered outside the Flower Auction, additional shipping fees & lead time may apply.

For any delivery outside of the Netherlands, shipping charges will apply depending on the required lead time and order volume.

Decowraps offers the customer loyalty option for free shipping within EU countries, depending on a minimum order amount. Please contact your sales representative or our customer service to find out more about this offer & conditions. When free shipping is applicable Decowraps will provide the goods under the FCA incoterm.


United Kingdom

Since the 1st of January 2021, deliveries to and for the United Kingdom require additional documentation.

In the case that Decowraps needs to provide these documents, there is an additional lead time of 1 working day and there may be a surcharge applicable for administration fees.


Warehouse Germany (Gechingen)

For any deliveries from the Decowraps warehouse in Gechingen Germany, the following terms apply:

  • Free Delivery in Germany for orders above € 800
  • Free Delivery in EU for orders above € 1.500

Decowraps cannot carry any responsibility for damages occurred during transport or delays due to situations outside of its span of control.

Decowraps always does its upmost for a timely and correct delivery and will solve any unforeseen circumstances where they may occur, in effort to achieve the highest possible service level. 

As we are always open for improvement, we welcome any feedback on shipping & service