Sustainability is our destination
Sustainability is our destination

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to a Sustainable World

Embracing Sustainability

At Decowraps, we aim to create packaging that will successfully represent your target consumer as well as represent your own brand. With the environmental challenges our world is facing today, massive branding opportunities are emerging simultaneously.

During this unique moment in history, companies are now able to communicate their beliefs directly to consumers - solely through their packaging. Each day, more and more consumers are feeling tremendous amounts of guilt regarding the negative impacts their unceasing consumption has on the planet. Consequently, consumers are choosing brands that will alleviate that guilt and, in some way, create a positive impact on the world. Selecting the right packaging materials will not only have a positive effect on the environment but will also effectively position your brand in the eyes of the consumer.

We´re committed to creating a better planet

We're Committed to Creating a Better Planet

66,750 metres less plastic

Circular Packaging Products

Decowraps is committed to developing more circular packaging solutions helping to promote recycling, increase the use of renewable and recycled materials, thereby reducing the environmental cost and the impact of packaging, whilst maintaining the important functionalities in product preservation and protection



What is Bio-LDPE?

Bio-LDPE is derived from sugarcane and is therefore, 100% biobased. The PE polymer is made when the sugarcane is converted into ethanol. This process is 80% fuelled by green energy, generated by burning sugarcane waste production.

This material is 100% recyclable with regular plastics recycling, therefore making it much more suited to be used within the existing plastics recycling processes.

Bio-LDPE also captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which remains stored within the product until burned. These elements combined result in a low carbon footprint for the raw material Bio-PE (LCA Braskem - Ecoinvent database 3.1)

Decowraps is currently offering this film, formulated with a certified 96% biobased content. However, different biobased content is available upon request.

I'm Green Seal™

I’m Green™ is the brand used to identify products made from renewable resources. Any product that advertises the I’m Green seal will only be released after verification and confirmation of the renewable source percentage that the product contains. The certification is according to the international norm ASTM D6866 for biobased content.

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Material Highlights


Bio-LDPE is 100% recyclable with regular plastics recycling, therefore making it much more suited to be used within the existing plastics recycling processes.

Renewable Resource

Biobased products, like Bio-LDPE, originate from nature and are therefore, considered renewable resources.

Negative Carbon Footprint

By utilizing certain bioplastics like Bio-LDPE, emissions end up being carbon-negative, meaning that more CO₂ is removed from the atmosphere than what is emitted.


Decowraps is currently offering this film formulated with a certified 96% biobased content under ASTM D6866 international standard

Measuring is Key: Mobius/Ecochain


Measuring is Key: Mobius/Ecochain

Lord Kelvin once stated that: “If you can’t measure it, you cannot improve it”. To ensure we are making real improvements and do not take any wrong turns, Decowraps has started the implementation of the Mobius tool by Ecochain.

The tool gives a detailed Life Cycle Assessment, including global warming potential and an Environmental Cost Indicator (ECI) for packaging options. It will allow Decowraps to accurately evaluate every option at hand, in order to quantify the improvement of current and future alternatives.

Zero Waste


What is Zero Waste?

Whilst collection rates for flexible films are slowly going up around Europe, they present the next problem: due to lack of purpose and business models, combined with certain technical difficulties presented by food grade regulations and laminations, a large part of the collected plastic film is still either being incinerated, landfilled and even shipped out of Europe for other countries to deal with. The floral industry is a perfect place to implement recycled materials, something which is already being done for buckets and grower pots, but not so much for sleeves and wraps.

By transitioning floral packaging into either FSC® Recycled (certified 85% post-consumer reclaimed content) or post-consumer reclaimed Film, this greatly reduces the demand for virgin (fossil) raw materials and creates a purpose for the collected household waste, giving it a second life instead of being burnt, landfilled in far away countries or even ending up in the environment.

The Zero Waste program turns waste into valuable raw materials, closing the loop for the circular economy!

One Step Beyond


What are One Step Further?

The circular principles are our roadmap to a better world. Making packaging items recyclable and using recycled content, add value to waste, giving an additional incentive to keep waste out of the environment and within a closed loop.

Together with using renewable materials, which are being maintained within the value chain for as many cycles as possible, reducing the demand for new feedstocks and de-coupling
completely from fossil fuels, helping to combat global warming. These are the fundamentals which make the circular economy the far better option for our society and environment.


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