Here are a list of our most frequently asked questions.

Sales & Shipping

Yes, that's certainly possible. Start by creating a sample account, and then request a regular account. Once we've processed your request, you can place orders with us online.

Within the Netherlands offers delivery free of charge. For EU shipments we charge delivery fees based on the required shipping service and volume of the order. For returning EU customers there is the option to make agreements for free shipping based on minimum order value.

You can register on our website for an account to order samples, in order to become an actual customer, we need to assign credit terms and do a full registration in our ERP. To become a customer, please contact us by email at orderseu@decowraps.com

If the wrong item was delivered or the quality of the delivered item(s) is sub-par, Decowraps does its upmost to resolve the issue as soon as possible. However, Decowraps does not have a default return policy but always aims to find a suitable solution.

Decowraps normally issues credit notes for outstanding invoices in the case or returns and/or quality issues. In the event of a refund there is a maximum term of 90 days.

The current set-up for the Decowraps website only facilitates the shipping of full boxes. We are aiming to launch a special Florist website in early 2024.

Our General Terms & Conditions are applicable to all order & agreements between Decowraps and the customer. Please find these here 

Decowraps has a variety of certifications. We have SMETA / ETI for social compliance, an FSC certification for our FSC Mix and FSC Recycled certified paper. The Decowraps office is certified under BREAAM as one of the most sustainable structures our there today. Please read more about these on our CSR page here 

Customize products

Decowraps specializes in making custom made floral packaging, using our studio of specialized designers in their full capacity. Within our Proven Process we turn your question into an answer and problems into solutions. Contact us by phone +31 297 349000 or by email at orderseu@decowraps.com to start developing today!

Our in-house printers can print a 1:1 version of most packaging options on a variety of materials. Giving you the most realistic view of the end result, facilitating the right decision for your future floral packaging look. Read more about customizing on the About Us page


One of the featurettes of our new website is the sample shopping cart. With this tool you can easily add various colours and sizes to your cart, getting all the samples sent over in order to help you make the right floral packaging offer for your store or end customer. To be able to order samples, you need to register an account with the Decowraps website.